Sidi Projects

A selection of projects, services and initiatives resulting from research by the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation.

Holographic Systems

It is a technology that enables the reproduction of three-dimensional moving elements that are perceived as floating in the air.

Audit AI

An audit that helps companies determine the impact Artificial Intelligence will have on their business and how to turn this threat into an opportunity.

Virtual window

A virtual window that can reproduce views that are perceived as real.

Disruptive Week

A five-day full immersion in disruptive innovation.

Holographic Assistant

The next-generation AI-supported holographic assistant is a real powerhouse of technology.

The Greenest

It is a large-scale reforestation project whose mission is to help restore the earth’s great green lungs.

Strategic Future Outlook

In partnership with Tesla and Digitalswitzerland, a corporate workshop designed to provide management with an inside look at emerging technologies and illustrate the most likely scenarios within which we will live and work. 

What Sidi does

Who the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation (Sidi) is and what it does in a nutshell.


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